Spay & Neuter Services

High-quality, low-cost spay & neuter services

Spaying and neutering your pet ensures he lives a longer, more healthy and happy life. It is also an act of compassionate responsibility to our entire community, and is the single most effective way to reduce pet overpopulation. Every year, thousands of cats and dogs are born in Kansas City. Many of them have no place to call home and as a result, they end up in our area shelters.
Great Plains SPCA has played a key role in reducing the number of cats and dogs entering our area shelters through spay/neuter, which has been a significant driver in reducing euthanasia numbers across our entire community. We passed the astonishing 40,000th spay/neuter surgery in October 2012.

At our state-of-the-art Veterinary Care Center, our team of exceptionally skilled veterinarians specialize in spay/neuter surgery and perform thousands of procedures every year. All of our patients receive the highest quality of personal care before, during and after surgery.


Feline Spay – $125
Feline Neuter – $115

Canine spay/neuter is priced by weight:

Canine spay < 30lbs: $150
Canine spay 30-60lbs: $175
Canine spay > 60lbs: $200

Canine neuter < 30lbs: $130
Canine neuter 30-60lbs: $145
Canine neuter > 60lbs: $160

Surgery Pricing
NOTE: These are the surgery prices when your pet is already undergoing a spay or neuter procedure. Please set up an appointment to receive an estimate for hernia repairs separate from a spay or neuter procedure.

Dog $60.00
Cat $30.00
Hernia Repair
Umbilical $60.00
Inguinal $150.00
Pregnant (Additional Charge to Spay Fee)
Dog $50.00
Cat $30.00
Dog/Cat $25.00

Please fill out our surgery consent form and bring it to your pet’s appointment.
Disclaimer: Costs may increase if female is in heat or if dog is cryptorchid

Call (913) 742-7310 today and give your pet the gift of a better life through spay/neuter.

Looking to spay or neuter feral or free-roaming cats in your area? Learn about our feral cat programs and pricing.