The true cost of a no-kill mission

In 2021, we have seen an increase in the number of dogs in the shelter with characteristics that make it challenging for them to be adopted. For instance, it takes longer to find a perfect home for dogs who don’t like other dogs or dogs who have a fear of strangers and display their fear in ways that are unpalatable to a typical adopter. We have shared that our average length of stay is 26 days and our average cost of care is $751. However, pets like Anda, and seven other dogs currently in our care, have a staggering average length of stay of 92 days and average cost of care of $2,576. This is the true cost of animal sheltering.

As a no-kill shelter with a live release rate of 98% or higher, we never euthanize for space or the length of time that an animal has been with us. That means even for pets who have challenging social requirements, our commitment never waivers. We care for them for as long as they need us despite the ever-increasing cost. The ongoing need of homeless pets like Anda can seem overwhelming at times, but with your support we are able to keep moving forward.

We have five days left to raise $60,000 of our $325,000 Lend A Paw goal. At Great Plains SPCA, every donation matters just as every pet matters. Your donations are vital to our lifesaving mission.

Be a hero for homeless pets today.

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