Sweet Vera’s Story

After 120 total days at Great Plains SPCA, Vera has found her forever family! Every day we care for dogs and cats, like Vera, looking for a very special home. As a No Kill Shelter, we take care of cats like Vera, no matter the cost! Because for cats like Vera, the true gift of love and companionship she gives her family is priceless.

Fund The Shelter

Vera was transferred to our shelter from the Liberty Animal Shelter in May of this year. As a resource for other area shelters, we routinely transfer in dogs and cats to help them manage their populations and save cats and dogs that might otherwise be out of time. Shortly after coming to Great Plains Vera started having seizures but because of medical team and the care we survive, Vera is now thriving in her new home.

Sweet VeraWhen you donate to our Fund the Shelter Match campaign, your generous donation can help provide medical care for cats like Vera.

  • $100 donation cover medication trials
  • $500 donation covers lifesaving tests and bloodwork to determine treatment plans
  • $1,000 donation covers a fraction of the cost of care for a long term animal with medical needs

The average cost of care for a Great Plains SPCA animal is $751, but for animal’s like Vera it is often much more. Please help Great Plains SPCA continue to save lives by joining the Funding the Shelter Challenge now through September 30th, where all donations are doubled.

The Fund The Shelter  Challenge is over, but you can still contribute to Great Plains SPCA. Click the button below to learn about our donation programs. Donate Today

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