Rescued St. Bernard and her pup need your help!

Despite all that is happening around us, we are still here! Our animals need us, and we continue to provide the best care possible for them. Now more than ever, our HERO team is needed to help the most vulnerable in our community. Fiona, a St. Bernard and her puppy, Luna, are an example of our HERO team’s life-saving work. Rescued last week, they were brought to Great Plains SPCA where we discovered that Fiona had a severe medical issue known as Distichiasis that requires surgery.

Distichiasis is an awful condition that causes the eyelashes to grow inward and irritates the corneas. We all know how uncomfortable one eyelash in our eye can be; imagining numerous touching our eyeballs would be awful. Our Shelter Medicine team is working closely with an ophthalmologist to ensure that Fiona receives corrective surgery and optimal care prior to her being ready for adoption.

Luna, Fiona's pup

Dogs like Fiona and her puppy, Luna, continue to come to Great Plains SPCA and that is why Great Plains SPCA continues to operate amidst the global COVID-19 crisis. We are 100% committed to taking care of the animals in need in our community.

More than any time in history we need your help now. We can get through this, but not without your assistance. We know how tough times are for many but ask that if you can, please make a gift today. No matter how small, your donation can truly make a difference.

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