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The HERO (Humane Education Resources Outreach) Team serves the animals in our community who are most in need of a helping hand through a partnership with The Rescue Project. Whether it is a dog living outside year round without proper shelter, a pet owner who loves their pet but cannot afford to buy pet food or a group of feral cats who need to be spayed or neutered, our team is committed to helping improve the lives of pets in our community.

Many of the animals served through this program have owners with limited financial resources – yet many have huge hearts. With a little education on how to better meet the needs of their pets, and the importance of spaying and neutering, we have been able to turn some “less than ideal” situations into success stories.

Please contact our HERO Team Director at lhacker@greatplainsspca.org if you know of a pet who needs:

  • * Food assistance to keep from going hungry
    * Low-cost spay/neuter or veterinary care
    * Shelter or straw for appropriate outdoor housing
    * Relief from being chained
    * Trap Neuter Return for feral or free roaming cats
    * Advice for behavioral issues

  • Pledge to be a HERO