Each animal that enters the Great Plains Family has a different story to tell and obstacles to overcome. Princes Buttercup is no stranger to obstacles and is another lucky animal to have received life-saving care from Great Plains SPCA because of supporters like you!

Princess Buttercup was found as a stray and brought into our shelter for care at just 3 weeks old, weighing just under 1 pound. For the next 2 months the medical team fought to keep this little fighter alive and thriving. The tireless efforts were not in vain and she made a full recovery and is now happy and healthy in a forever home!

Fund The Shelter
Princess Buttercup

When you donate to our Fund the Shelter Match campaign, your generous donation can help provide care for kittens like Princess Buttercup.

Each year over 500 kittens enter Great Plains SPCA seeking care and love until they are ready to find their forever home. Their average length of stay until they are ready to be adopted is 45 days, which averages to a little over $1,200 per kitten. Please help Great Plains SPCA continue to save lives by joining the Funding the Shelter Challenge now through September 30th, where all donations are doubled.

All donations will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, through the end of September to continue our lifesaving mission!


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