Lend A Paw for animals like Clarence

Today we are sharing an urgent need for donations to support a shelter dog’s journey to a normal, happy life. Clarence is one of many dogs rescued through our HERO (Humane. Education. Resources. Outreach.) program every year. In his case, he was saved from an extreme hoarding situation in Missouri where he lacked socialization, adequate medical care and attention to his basic needs.

Since rescuing him, we discovered that he has a condition that will affect his ability to live a comfortable, pain-free life. After numerous tests and trips to specialists, our Shelter Medical team diagnosed the lameness in Clarence’s left front leg and the pain associated with it as osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the left humeral head. For Clarence to have a chance at a normal life, he must have an advanced orthopedic surgery to fix the abnormality.

Because of an overwhelming response from our supporters, Clarence received the funds for his surgery! We are able to give animals like Clarence a second chance at a happy, healthy life through our Poppy Medical Fund. Donate now to help us provide pups like Clarence the surgeries they need to prepare for their second chance.

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