June Hero Herald

Dear Great Plains friends and family,

Tam Singer - CEO, Great Plains SPCAA couple of weeks ago, I shared the current state of Great Plains with you and asked for your assistance in getting our community shelter back on track. Thank you to everyone who reached out with support, ideas for improvement and expectations for the future.

As we swing into full summer – the hottest, most humid time of the year –  I am reminded just how much an animal shelter is a community. While the heat slows many of us down, it doesn’t slow down the steady stream of lost, abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats making their way to Great Plains SPCA every day.

These pets come needing immediate medical attention, vaccinations, better nutrition, grooming, or just someone to love them. Some of them have been rescued by the public or our municipal partners, and we are forever grateful for those heroes.

But so many other homeless pets in our shelter are in dire need of a hero today.  In just the last 30 days, Great Plains has cared for and adopted out more than 400 pets that needed a hero during our Clear The Shelter adoption campaign.

Our incredibly hard-working staff has been working around the clock to find foster homes, adopters, or partner rescue groups willing to open their homes to dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens in need. But more come in every day, and summer is our busiest season.

Yes, we are a No-Kill shelter, meaning we never euthanize animals for space. But we cannot remain a No-Kill shelter unless we become a No-Kill Community. It takes all of us, working together, pledging today to make a commitment to our community’s animals.

We need you. Our shelter is refocused, committed, and in need your support more than ever.  Adopt our pets, be a temporary foster home, volunteer in our adoption centers, or donate lifesaving funds to help us buy food, medications, vaccinations, or sponsor a pet’s spay/neuter surgery or emergency care.

Can you join us and be a hero for the dogs and cats in Johnson County’s shelter today? Your support today, whatever form, will help us help the animals we all care so deeply about. 

Thank you,

Tam Singer CEO, Great Plains SPCA

Tam Singer, CEO

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