Great Plains SPCA helps a found momma and her pups

A concerned citizen contacted Great Plains SPCA after finding momma dog, Flower, and her four newborn puppies under a tree is Kansas City, Missouri. We immediately committed to caring for this sweet family in need.

Flower is a three-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix. Upon arrival, her fur was extremely matted and covered in burrs, and while the puppies were seemingly healthy, we were worried about Flower’s long-term ability to nurse given the state of her fur. Our team shaved and groomed Flower, ensured her puppies were able to latch on to nurse and then sent the whole family into a Foster home! They will be together in Foster care until the puppies are old enough to be weaned, then will be spayed/neutered and made available for adoption.

Your support allows us to care for the most vulnerable pets in our community. Donate today so we can rescue more families like this and prepare them for loving forever homes.

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