Hi! I'm Babs!

Babs is a bright and beautiful dog who is growing increasingly stressed in the shelter environment, so we are seeking a Foster or adoptive home for her as soon as possible. Babs is a lover of people, treats and having her head scratched. She is active and willing to join any adventure, but she also enjoys life’s quiet moments. Babs prefers the company of humans over other animals. She was brought to Great Plains SPCA when someone found her lost and alone, so there’s not much we know about her past, but her future is bright in the right Foster or adoptive home!

Featured Foster - Babs

Quick Facts:

  • Lover of people and of life’s adventures.

  • May join a home without other animals.

  • Needs to meet any children in the home prior to being adopted.

  • Available for Foster or adoption.

A Note About Fostering for those who have lost…
We know the steps back after losing a loved one can be hard, Great Plains SPCA is there for you to help make that road back to recovery easier with our foster program. Click Here to learn more.

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