Hi! I'm Grace!

Grace is looking for the right person to help her thrive. She is loyal, happy and loving with her circle of people. She is very treat motivated and loves to play ball. She enjoys neck scratches and will lean into you with a big, happy sigh when you pet her. She is housetrained, good with most dogs her size, great in the car and knows multiple commands. She is definitely a homebody and would be a great companion for someone who has a low-key life. Grace simply wants to be with her humans and have someone take a little time to get to know her. It’s so worth it when you do. Please contact foster@greatplainsspca.org to meet her.

Quick Facts:

  • Extremely loyal.

  • Treat motivated.

  • Loves her people.

  • Does well with most dogs her size.

  • Needs a home without cats.

  • May join a home with people 16 and up.

A Note About Fostering for those who have lost…
We know the steps back after losing a loved one can be hard, Great Plains SPCA is there for you to help make that road back to recovery easier with our foster program. Click Here to learn more.

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