Hi! I'm Kravitz!

Kravitz is very friendly, loves being stroked and gets along with other cats as long as they give her space. When Kravitz arrived at Great Plains SPCA, we noticed she moved a little funny. Our Shelter Medicine determined she has arthritis and luxating patellas—kneecaps that pop in and out of place. As a result, we believe she has challenges using a litterbox. Kravitz was also potentially exposed to FeLV at the transferring shelter. We performed a test for FeLV and she tested negative, however, it can take 30 days to test positive after exposure. We will retest her at 30 days. Please reach out to foster@greatplainsspca.org if you are interested in learning more about Kravitz or FeLV or fostering this sweet girl! 

Quick Facts:

  • Extremely sweet and friendly
  • Will do better confined to a smaller space to start off with
  • Very mobile and has no trouble using stairs
  • Needs a patient Foster to work on litterbox training

A Note About Fostering for those who have lost…
We know the steps back after losing a loved one can be hard, Great Plains SPCA is there for you to help make that road back to recovery easier with our foster program. Click Here to learn more.

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