Hi! I'm Domino!

Domino is a handsome senior kitty with a sleek black coat and striking green eyes that make it hard not to stare. Don’t worry, he loves the attention and will happily let you know it with his adorable old man meow. He prefers to spend his days in his Foster home on their screened indoor porch, soaking up the sun and being brushed by his Foster family. That’s about all it takes to make this kitty happy, toss in a few treats and he will be happy as a clam. If you are interested in meeting this captivating kitty, email foster@greatpliansspca.org today!

Quick Facts:

  • Domino may join a home with no children under 12 years old.

  • Domino may join a home with no other animals.

A Note About Fostering for those who have lost…
We know the steps back after losing a loved one can be hard, Great Plains SPCA is there for you to help make that road back to recovery easier with our foster program. Click Here to learn more.

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