Hi! I'm Judy!

Judy is a small and spunky collie mix looking for a temporary foster home. We are seeking foster for Judy because she is being treated for ringworm and we would like to give her relief from the shelter during her treatment. Ringworm is actually not a worm, but a fungus. Let us know if you’d like more info on ringworm or Judy. If you are interested in learning more or meeting her please reach out to foster@greatplainsspca.org

Quick Facts:

  • Loves treats, toys and affection

  • Very friendly with all people, including children

  • Needs some work on leash walking without pulling; good news is she’s small so not very strong!

A Note About Fostering for those who have lost…
We know the steps back after losing a loved one can be hard, Great Plains SPCA is there for you to help make that road back to recovery easier with our foster program. Click Here to learn more.

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