“Double Merle” Litter of Pups Find Rescue

We were contacted last week by a rural animal control partner about a litter of puppies that a resident could not care for. Upon transferring them to Great Plains SPCA, our team soon realized the three completely adorable puppies showed signs of both hearing and vision impairments.

Jamaica, Bahama and Bora Bora are all “double merle” puppies, meaning they have two merle-colored parents. When two merle dogs are bred together, the puppies have a 25% chance of being born as a double merle with excessive white coloring and having eye abnormalities and/or hearing impairments.

Luckily, we have secured rescue for them with Speak St. Louis, an Australian Shepherd rescue that specializes in fostering and placing animals who are double merle! Speak St. Louis has expertise in working with dogs with these special needs and helping owners train them. Jamaica, Bahama and Bora Bora will be three of the close to 150 pets with unique needs that we transfer to specialized rescues each year.

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