As we continue to monitor COVID-19 and recommended procedures, we have decided to postpone shelter events until further notice. The health and safety of our staff, animals and volunteers continues to be our number one priority. If you would like to partner with Great Plains SPCA for a future event, please email for more information.

Current Events

Businesses, restaurants, organizations and other groups who wants to support our work for pets can choose to help Great Plains SPCA with their own events. We are happy to partner on these events and spread the word of your good work. Interested in hosting a third party event? We’d love to have your support! Click here to see our Facebook Events Calendar.


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Behavior & Training Sessions

Can old dogs learn new tricks? How do young dogs learn manners? If you are in need of basic dog training help, come to Great Plains SPCA! Classes are starting soon!
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Virtual Pets Meeting

Are you Zoomed out? Add some cuteness to your video meetings by inviting puppies or kittens! For a $25 donation, Great Plains SPCA will have puppies or kittens join your meeting!
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Interested in Hosting an Event for Great Plains SPCA?

Thank you for your interest in raising funds to support Great Plains SPCA! The work you do directly supports the nearly 5,000 animals we care for each year. We love working with the community on events and because we get so many requests, we have created some guidelines for what to expect and what GPSPCA can commit to.

What is a Community or Third-Party Event?

A community or third-party event is any fundraising activity that benefits GPSPCA and is organized by a non-affiliated group or individual. We generally do not do off-site adoption events, rather we focus on fundraisers and events to raise awareness of and get exposure for GPSPCA.

Getting Started

The path to launching a community fundraising event begins with an idea and a plan of action that you present to GPSPCA. You and/or your group submit your application which becomes an agreement about expectations from GPSPCA’s involvement, whether with animals or volunteers, and the commitment you and/or your group is making for the event.

Please return the completed third-party/community event application to:
Great Plains SPCA
Attn: Events Committee
5428 Antioch Drive
Merriam, KS 66202

What Happens Next?

We love community events and are so excited to work with you! Here’s what to expect:

First, we review your application and event proposal and evaluate it for fit with our organization’s mission and objectives as well as feasibility and timing. Once approved, we will reach out and provide guidance for your event and if it meets our publicity threshold, discuss ways we can help inform our membership and the community about your event.

Please know that while we strive to support community fundraising events to the greatest extent possible with the resources we have, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to support every event.

Does GPSPCA Provide Staff or Volunteers to Execute Events?

The staffing needs and availability of staff and volunteers vary widely by event and while we provide the personnel support we can, we look to our event partners to handle the majority of the organizational, administrative and promotional tasks associated with third-party events. Similarly, while we love to get exposure for our animals, the venue or environment might not always be appropriate and we may not always have adoptable animals available to attend third-party/community events. Puppies and kittens are particularly susceptible to diseases in the environment so please understand if we cannot provide these young animals. We have lots of wonderful adult animals that love to get out of the shelter!

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