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Community Heroes Donation Goal $13,000

Calling all community heroes! This September, Great Plains SPCA will offer our Community Heroes match campaign. Thanks all of our Community Hero sponsors, all donations that our shelter receives during the month of September will be matched up to $13,000. 

Will you be a hero for our shelter pets? Please donate today and your gift will make a positive difference for a special pet in need.

Animals You Can Help

Shelter pups like Waldo need Community Heroes like you. Waldo was transferred from a rural shelter that lacked the necessary space and resources to care for him. After a few days in our care, Waldo began acting lethargic, sluggish and not his happy-go-lucky self.

He was severely ill and a series of blood tests led to a diagnosis of hypoadrenocorticism, or Addison’s disease, which means he has a deficiency in corticosteroid hormones. Our Shelter Medical team began aggressive treatment that saved Waldo’s life.

Waldo is feeling much better now that he’s on an appropriate dosage of medication and we have every reason to believe that with proper treatment he will live a long and happy life! Waldo is looking for a forever family who is willing to commit to his medical care and of course, to love him for the sweet, goofy, good boy that he is!

Sweet momma dog, Gwen, and her nine puppies are a few of the most recent lives saved by Great Plains SPCA! This adorable little family was transferred into our care from a rural Kansas facility that lacked the resources necessary to care for them. The whole family is getting the love and care they need to prepare for their forever homes in one of our incredible Foster homes. We would not be able to provide second chances like this without the support of community heroes like you!

Community Hero Sponsors

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Vodka for Dog People

The vision of our Vodka for Dog People program is to better the lives of pets and their families far and wide.

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