Charlie gets a break!

Charlie is a goofy, fun-spirited, energetic, very loving and extremely sweet dog. He loves to play, is super gentle when taking treats and plays well with other dogs. Charlie loves peanut butter, is eager to learn and will sprawl out for belly rubs once he’s comfortable with you.

Charlie needs a break from the shelter
Like any dog, he also has some things he needs help with, like not barking at every person or animal who walks by, learning to walk well on a leash and sharing food nicely with other animals. But the thing Charlie is struggling with the most is the stress of living in the shelter. We take pride in the accommodations at Great Plains SPCA and how well the animals are treated, but even the best shelter can be a distressing place for many animals who live there for even a moderate amount of time. 
Charlie is now in Foster care

Lucky for him, he is now getting the break he needs in a Foster home. We are so grateful to his Foster family, but we would love to find Charlie a permanent home so he never has to return to the shelter again. While he plays well with other dogs, for now we believe a home without other animals or with a very savvy dog owner who can manage his food sharing issues is where he will be most successful. Please consider sharing Charlie’s story as you never know who may be his hero!

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