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The cat unemployment rate is at an all-time high in the Kansas City area. Experienced cats that are in the job market for best friend positions are concerned about the upcoming kitten season when the job market will be flooded with recent kitten graduates.

Experienced cats tend to have a harder time finding jobs compared to their younger kitten counterparts. Potential employers have a habit of hiring based on age and playfulness rather than the knowledge an experienced cat brings. If you are looking to hire a best friend, there are several reasons why you should consider employing a more experienced cat:

Skippy works well with Boaz and believes optimal productivity occurs when they are hired together.
Skippy works well with Boaz and believes optimal productivity occurs when they are hired together.

• Recent kitten graduates require more training. Kittens do not always understand employers’ expectations in regards to litter box usage or scratching.

• OCSA (Occupational Cat Safety Administration) has greater safety requirements for kitten employees. All work places must be “kitten proofed.”

• Hiring an experienced cat, you know what you are getting. Their work habits have already been established.

• Experienced cats require less supervision. They can be left alone and even be in charge of the workplace when you are not there.

• Experienced cats also know how to handle different types of people. Cats can be more patient with younger children and have the knowledge to stay out from under the feet of the elderly.
If an experienced cat sounds like the best applicant for the job as your best friend, Great Plains SPCA has several experienced cats that have been unemployed for quite a while and are very eager to get back into the workplace.

Ebony aspires to be a Chief Cat Officer and has four years of cat experience.. He does not like office politics so he would prefer to be the only employee. Ebony is an excellent mouse hunter (computer mice) and will oversee any computer usage. He works for treats and must have catnip to reach full productivity.
Skippy and Boaz are a packaged deal. They work extremely well together, quietly doing their work. They are the ultimate team players.

Right now, Great Plains SPCA is running a special on adult cats where they are available for just $25. All of these cats (and more!) are available to be interviewed during regular business hours at Great Plains SPCA in Merriam and can start working immediately.

Special thanks to FixYourImages Photography for taking these “headshots” of our applicants!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenny Carlson is a volunteer, cat volunteer mentor, and kitten foster parent at Great Plains SPCA.  Jenny is also the author of the blog As the World Purrs which takes a humorous looks at raising foster kittens and helping shelter cats from the cats’ perspectives.


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  1. Meillyn kreusser

    great writing- thoughtful….my first corporate cat
    Was my fax operator,,,a fax would come in,she’d play with the
    Paper( folding was an immediate problem)

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