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Why Does Your Pet Need a Dental Exam?

Does your pet have bad breath?  It could be a symptom of periodontal disease.  As Dr. Katie Teutemacher of our Merriam Veterinary Care Center explains, dog and cat owners should take their pet’s dental health seriously. Q.) Why are regular dental exams for dogs and cats necessary? A.) Dr. Teutemacher: It is very important to… Read more »

Prevention & Treatment: Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

What is hip dysplasia in dogs, and what treatment options are available? How can you help prevent hip problems for your pet?  Dr. Jacqueline Morino of our Merriam Veterinary Care Center answers your questions! What exactly is hip dysplasia?  Morino: Hip dysplasia starts out as laxity, or looseness, within the hip joint.  Since it is a… Read more »

Keeping your pets safe during the holidays

The holidays are times of joy and celebration for everyone.  Make sure the holidays are safe for your pets (and avoid an emergency veterinary visit) by avoiding common toxins and hazards. Chocolate:  While people find chocolate to be a sweet treat, it can actually be toxic to our pets.  The darker the chocolate, the less… Read more »

Arthritis Management in Pets

Ahh, the wonderful season of fall. The crisp cool air and crunchy leaves just beg for you to take your fluffy friend out on a long walk. Maybe even a jog for those ambitious health nuts among us. But what happens when you notice your companion taking longer than usual to greet you at the… Read more »

Is My Pet Overweight?

Is your pooch getting too plump?  Is Fluffy a bit too flabby?  Just like people, excess weight can have severe consequences in animals.  From diabetes to joint issues, the extra pounds are more than just an aesthetic issue.  But how do you tell if your pet is overweight and what can you do about it?… Read more »

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

As a veterinarian, a common behavioral concern that dog owners ask me about is separation anxiety.  Separation anxiety can be a particularly upsetting issue to deal with for both dogs and their owners alike.  In severe cases it can even result in the dog losing its home or being relinquished to a shelter.  Separation anxiety… Read more »

What in the world are FIV and FeLV?

Cats are said to have nine lives for a reason: they usually get into trouble and come out better on the other side.  With summer in full swing and kittens sprouting from the ground everywhere we look, there are lots of kittens and great adults looking to be adopted.  Most of these lovely felines come… Read more »

The Scoop on Poop

It is that time of year again for your pet’s annual examination.  You call your veterinarian’s office to schedule an appointment.  At the end of the conversation, the receptionist asks you to bring a “fecal sample.”  What is our obsession with the stuff?  The answer may be more important than you know… According to the… Read more »

Canine Influenza and What You Need to Know

Headlines reading “Animal Shelter Halts Adoptions After Hundreds of Dogs Contract Dog Flu,” “Dogs Dying From Flu,” and worse are filling your Facebook news feed and causing panic among dog owners. Canine Influenza is reaching epidemic levels across the United States, and many do not know what it is or how they can keep their dog… Read more »

Summer Picnics, Camp Outs, Backyard Fun and… Fleas & Ticks!

By. Dr. Heath Brown, DVM While spring and summer days offer the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather, they also bring the possibility of encountering some very small, yet very dangerous, bugs. Let’s take a closer look. All About Fleas Although adult fleas are only about the size of a small grain of… Read more »