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Dental Health – Not just for Humans!

By: Dr. Katie Teutemacher Oral health care is extremely important to your pet’s overall health.  According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of 3 years have periodontal disease.  Gum disease progressively worsens with time resulting in a painful and infected mouth and possibly systemic… Read more »

Fernando & Andie

By: Heather Purdy (Foster Mom) Animal Control brought Fernando into Great Plains SPCA’s Veterinary Care Center in July after he had sustained a very bad injury. Due to his injuries and assuming he was feral, his prognosis was poor. Upon evaluation, our team discovered that he was anything but feral and he quickly won the hearts… Read more »

Larry the Lion

NOTE: We love how much our volunteers invest in our shelter pets – both big and small. This post, written by volunteer Mary R. Dobbins, tells the story of one particular shelter kitty who may not have made it without her love and care. During the first week of September 2015, I went into the… Read more »

Clint Bowyer Sweepstakes

Clint Bowyer is a proud Kansas native and professional race car driver of the No. 15 Toyota Camry. Clint heard about the Crisis Crossroads at Great Plains SPCA and wanted to help! Because he’s also a devoted pet owner and will be racing in Kansas City, Clint offered an opportunity for a lucky fan to… Read more »

Inaugural Shelter Alumni Celebration

Over the years, thousands of Great Plains SPCA alums have found forever families throughout the Kansas City Metro, and we think it’s time to celebrate! Shelter pets and staff alike want to show appreciation to local animal advocates who have helped to save lives of so many shelter pets! Join us on Sunday, September 20th… Read more »

Prism & Fringy

In the market for two fluffy bundles of fur who are sure to keep you (and each other!) warm and toasty as the fall approaches? You’re in luck, because Fringy and Prism are two lovable ladies who are more than thrilled to claim the joint title of Cat of the Month! And why have two… Read more »


He may be alive today…if someone had just called. Our HERO Team responded to a call on July 15th about a dog suspected to be a victim of abuse who lay deceased in front of a dumpster. We have named the dog Justice. Eyewitnesses reported hearing and seeing a dog “cry out” on the night… Read more »

Young Heroes Camp in Independence a Success!

Our Lead Teen Camp Counselor, Abby Stokes, is one amazing young person. Abby has volunteered and fostered for our Independence campus since just before we opened. She has dedicated to volunteering full-time during every one of our Independence campus sessions as a Teen Camp Counselor. Last week she worked through every project and activity with the… Read more »

The Lowdown on FIV and Cats

There are many misconceptions about cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). If cared for and treated properly, FIV cats can live perfectly normal lives! FIV cats can and should be welcomed into a family without fear and deserve just as much love and attention as other pets! What is FIV? Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is… Read more »

Krissy and Patience

Everybody knows TWO is better than one, and this week, we have a special treat for you – in the form of a dynamic duo! Krissy and Patience are the Dream Team, proving that having a puppy partner in crime is one of the best gifts a pooch could ever ask for! These two girlies… Read more »