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HB2030 may die today without your help!

HB2030 may die today without your help! HB2030 bans gas chambers, allows for off-site adoptions, requires pets in shelters and breeding facilities have access to water, requires licensees are inspected, and provides many other positive provisions. The ability for this bill to move forward to the House floor for vote, rests on shoulders of the… Read more »

A Note From Our Top Dog: HB2030

Kansas Residents, We need your help and support to get HB2030 heard on the House floor and to win the YES vote. House Bill 2030 will change the standards of care for pets in shelters and breeding facilities. Over the last three years, we’ve been working hard to drive this critically needed change. Please contact… Read more »

Vote No on Missouri Amendment 1 on August 5th

Vote NO on Amendment 1: The Right to Farm to STOP Puppy Mills and Other Animal Abuse AND Support Local Farmers On Tuesday, August 5th, Missouri residents will be able to vote on this important law, but even if you’re not a Missouri resident, please spread the word. We need everyone at the polls to… Read more »

Vote NO on the Missouri Right to Farm Bill

The “Right to Farm.” It sounds great doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled! Missouri Farmers already have the right to farm and we want to keep it that way, especially for family farmers. On August 5, Amendment 1 which would change the Missouri constitution, goes to citizens for a vote. If passed, Amendment 1 the “Right… Read more »