Build a Feral Cat Shelter

Help our HERO Team keep feral cats warm as the temperatures drop! You can easily build a feral cat shelter with minimal supplies and make a huge difference for these community cats. Shelters can be dropped at our Merriam, KS Campus at 5428 Antioch Drive.

Styrofoam Cat Shelter
Photo borrowed from Pet Project Blog

• Styrofoam cooler
• Gorilla glue/styrofoam glue
• Straw
• Knife or box cutter

1. Cut a hole in the short end of the bottom half of the cooler. The hole should be roughly the size of a bread plate.

2. Fill the cooler ¾ full with clean, dry straw.

3. Use Gorilla Glue or some other styrofoam adhesive to glue the lid of the cooler on.

4. Place the cooler outside where feral cats are known to live, preferably with some sort of covering from a bush or other object. Make sure to weigh the cooler down by placing a brick or other heavy object on top of the cooler.

(More information on feral cat community care and shelter building can be found here)

2 thoughts on “Build a Feral Cat Shelter”

  1. instead of gluing the cover on, can you attach it with a few screws? that way it can be opened for cleaning. i am thinking a long, large diameter threaded plastic thumbscrew would dig into the foam and keep it on. then use the lid as the bottom of the shelter. that is a great idea for reusing my omaha steaks foam coolers that i find.

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