Madeline Little

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Madeline Little, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Great Plains SPCA

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Kansas State University

Years in Practice: 3

My Pets:

-Friday a.k.a French Fri, my Australian cattle dog, who loves car rides, watching cows, and cuddles. He is currently in physical therapy for his arthritis.

-Freyja, my chow chow mix who loves giving kisses and herding cats.

-Kitten, my Domestic Short Hair cat, who loves watching the toilet flush.

-Goomba, my Persian cat who likes being admired from a distance.

-A rotating assortment of fosters.


Hunting for vintage and rehabbed finds at antique malls, flea markets, thrift stores and KC’s west bottom store fronts

Why I Became a Veterinarian:

My parents have always encouraged me to do work that matters and benefits the community. Growing up, my dad was a family practice doctor for an underserved Hispanic community. His modeling planted a seed for an interest in medicine with a service focus. Becoming a veterinarian was a way for me to blend my love for animals, appreciation for the human-animal bond, and curiosity for biology and medicine into a career. Taking a job at Great Plains SPCA as a part-time shelter/ part-time wellness vet allows me to serve animals that may not otherwise receive care.


Traveling with my husband, running, yoga, boxing, and hiking. I am fortunate to have my family in town and a large chunk of my free time is spent hanging out with my family.