Jennifer McMeans

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Jennifer McMeans, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Great Plains SPCA

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Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Years in Practice: 7 years

My Pets:
– Britney is my 11 year old Lab. She loves to sleep in bed with me, but before she will get into bed she has to “ask” – even if that means waking me up!
– Miley is my 8 year old English Setter. She loves to point anything – including butterflies! She also likes to pop bubbles with her human siblings.
– Justin is my 2 year old Lab. She loves to think she is a cat and prove she’s the best mouser by bringing me trophies of her hunt!
– Cheech is my 3 year old Maine Coon mix. He was found as a feral kitten with a raccoon and was never weaned by his mom, so he still loves to suck on my thumb like he’s nursing.

Passion: Cleaning dirty ears and draining abscess’ and aural hematomas

Why I Became a Veterinarian: I believe God gives us a passion and calling in our lives. I was made to love and protect animals. I love knowing He cares about all of us, even the animals, and knows when even a sparrow falls. Ever since I was three years old I’ve said I wanted to be a vet when I grew up. I was always taking in injured wildlife or abandoned kittens and trying to nurse them back to health.

Hobbies: I love finding DIY projects on Pinterest. Everyone knows I’ll take any extra pallets they have off their hands!