Heather Martin

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Heather Martin, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Great Plains SPCA
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    Education: Kansas State University (College of Veterinary Medicine)

    Years of Experience: 14 years

    Passion: Puppies, kittens, and chocolate

My Pets:
–  Amy Pond and Rory Williams love crinkle balls and getting into trouble
– Mustache Mandy loves her blankie
– Olaf loves his cat food
– Poppy loves to hate the cats (especially  Amy Pond and Rory Williams)
– Delilah loves hiding under the sofa and collecting treasures under there
– Maddie loves to play ball
– Shelby loves to sleep and snuggle.

Why I Became a Veterinarian: I’ve never known a life without animals. They are as essential to my daily life and well- being as food or air. So it just made sense for me to become an advocate for their well-being.

Hobbies: Reading and caring for all those pets