Be Summer-Savvy: Hot Weather Tips for Your Pets

Hot-Weather-Tips-for-your-petsPuppy panting, cranky kitties, and poolside adult beverages (for the humans, of course!). All of this could only mean one thing: SUMMER is in full swing! Things are heating up here in the Metro, from pavements to puppy paws. If you can’t take it, get outta the kitchen! OR you could just read these ten genius tips for keeping your fabulous furball cool as a cucumber when the humidity strikes!

Never leave your pets alone in a parked vehicle – even when the windows are open, the air conditioner is on, or you only plan to spend a few minutes away from Fido or Fluffy. Confining anyone in an enclosed space without proper ventilation can cause serious health complications, like heat exhaustion. Traveling with your pet is a blast, but fresh, cool air is priceless, so make sure your little prince or princess has plenty of it – leave them at home.


Avoid over-working you and your pet on days where humidity and heat reach dangerous levels. Our pets deserve plenty of stimulation and exercise, but on hot days, pay extra attention to the times of day when the temperature is more bearable. Consider moving your routine afternoon walk to the morning or late evening to avoid the harshest sunrays.

Hydrate! Always ensure your pet has access to fresh, cold water, particularly if they have to be outside for longer than a few minutes. You’ll be surprised how much water your furry friend can guzzle down after an exercise session!

Bask in that shade and slather on the sunscreen. Even on the most humid summer days, your dog’s going to want to have his usual backyard sniffing spree. Make sure he has a shady spot where he can keep cool and avoid the glaring sun, but remember to let him back in after a few minutes! Apply mild, pet-safe sunscreen whenever possible to protect your furry friend from burns. You wouldn’t want to damage their stunning skin!

Keep the temperature in your house comfortable, even when you’re not home. Your pet can only rule the roost and act as House Bouncer if he keeps cool and stays alert!

Stay in tune with their needs, and be ready to respond if you notice any problematic behaviors. Look out for signs that warn of heatstroke and fatigue, such as heavy breathing, rapid heart rate, excessive panting, nausea, drooling, and loss of balance. If your pet’s a senior citizen or a fresh young pup, watch them like a hawk in the heat – these guys are more vulnerable than your average animal.


Pay a visit to your vet to ensure Fido and Fluffy are summer-proof.  Protect your pets from pesky fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes that swarm in the summers and can cause health issues by keeping them up-to-date on preventatives. A healthy pet is a happy (and pest-free) pet!

Nip itching in the bud once and for all. Seasonal allergies can be a nightmare for your animal companions, who will scratch themselves silly to relieve their near-constant itching. If this scenario sounds familiar, contact your veterinarian and determine what’s bothering your pet. Allergy medications can remedy their frustrating itching extravaganzas – and save your sanity!

Have some fun in the sun! You don’t always have to coop your pet up indoors! If you have a water dog (you’ll know if you have one; they won’t be able to resist taking a splash!), let them paddle around in the water on your weekend getaway to the lake. ALWAYS keep a close watch on any animal in the water, and NEVER throw or force any animal in. Always protect them on boats and in bodies of water with lifejackets and other flotation devices. Even Fido can take swimming lessons!


Beware of the booms! Pets tend to think that fireworks shows are a telltale sign of the Apocalypse – and who could blame them?! Their sensitive ears don’t know any better. To spare them the horror, try steering them clear of the Fourth of July festivities. If you have to leave them home alone, turn on some relaxing music to muffle the noise outside and provide them with plenty of comfort objects while you’re away, such as a favorite blanket or toy. If their fear is especially serious, talk to your veterinarian about calming medications that can be prescribed. Then they can sleep soundly, even with Armageddon happening right outside!

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