Alumni Uzi Update

Kris Kringle was brought to us by Animal Control in February of this year from a hoarding situation. He needed dental extractions and treatment for an upper respiratory infection. He patiently waited for 6 months until being adopted by Lexi in September. Kris Kringle, now Uzi, has meant the world to Lexi ever since!

Check out what she had to say about Uzi’s impact on her life.

“I chose to adopt because I needed something that was snuggly while being at school away from family. It was that extra thing I needed while at school.”

“He means the absolute world to me, knowing I saved him and could give him a home to be loved in was the biggest thing pushing me to adopt an older cat! He is so special and goofy in his own way!”

“When he first came into the home he was kind of skittish and hid a lot, wasn’t very vocal, now he plays constantly wants attention and is purring all the time. He loves playing with different toys and LOVES treats.”

Having Uzi Home for the Holidays means spoiling and giving him extra love this holiday, he’ll have a good holiday in a brand new home with people who shower him with cuddles and kisses!”

“When I went to Great Plains SPCA I felt like they were excited for me to go home with an animal to love. It was so easy to talk to everyone and they made the adoption process so easy!”

“Uzi has practically saved my life, I needed him probably more than he needed me. I’m so happy to give him his forever home.”

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