Alumni Queen Update

Remember Queen? She was homeless for more than a year until she became an international star when Mission Driven’s Scott Poore moved into the shelter with her. This publicity led Queen to being adopted into her forever home in September of 2019! Her adopter, Tony, updated us on what this year has been like for Queen and why others should support Great Plains SPCA.

“What a year it has been for all of us, but Queen has not noticed. She just keeps building her kingdom one heart at a time. She still has her infectious cuteness and has plenty of cuddles for everyone.

Queen has really settled into her home and has learned what the requirements are of being the queen of the house. She has also come close to conquering public spaces, but she will need just a little more time with those adventures. There is just so much stimulation and little dogs can only handle so much of it at one time.

“Home for the Holidays” for Queen means always having a soft person to snuggle up with, a perfect bed upon which to sleep, and a never-ending supply of food and treats. For her family it means always having a smart and caring soul to love and look after and knowing that they can carry that love with them throughout the year.

Great Plains SPCA deserves the support of our communities in order to continue saving precious beings like Queen. The love and friendship that these animals offer is immeasurable, and the impact of that love and friendship upon people can transform lives. There are animals seeking love and companionship and, hopefully, they can be united with people desiring the same type of love and companionship. It takes special people to do just that, and the people at Great Plains are exactly the ones to get it accomplished.”

There are only five days left in our “Home for the Holidays” match campaign, and we need your help to reach our goal of raising $350,000. All donations are matched up to $300,000!

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