Alumni Midi’s Impact

Midnight came to Great Plains from another shelter after being abandoned. She was heartworm positive, riddled with hot spots & underweight. She waited patiently for 3 whole months until she was adopted by Cate & Derek in 2014. Midnight, now Midi, has been an integral part of their family ever since!

Check out what Cate had to say about Midi’s impact on their family’s life.

“Midi warmed up to her new home and lifestyle quickly. We’re pretty active people, so road trips and camping trips were introduced to her within a month or two of her joining the family. Multiple daily walks became the norm, and now they’re expected. There’s a park in our neighborhood that we (and our neighbors) refer to as “Midi’s Park,” because she’s there so often. She’s included in pretty much everything we do, and is rarely home alone except for when Derek’s on the road for work. To be honest, I think everyone envies her lifestyle.”

“Midi joining our family was as much a gift to us as it was to her. Her unwavering love, loyalty, and passion for being involved in everything we do is something I never thought we’d experience in a dog – and I’ve had a few in my day. We had a baby earlier this year, and bringing him home to meet Midi for the first time was one of the most adorable moments we’ve ever experienced. Even though our bandwidth has certainly taken a hit since introducing a newborn into our world, I think Midi understands we do our absolute best to ensure she feels loved. In fact, our son gets dragged outdoors multiple times a day to join Midi on her walks. He’ll likely begin to expect them the same way Midi does.”

“Adopting Midi was, simply put, one of the best things to ever happen to us. We were a family of two, then three, and now four. Midi’s mere presence in our lives has been an upgrade on so many levels. Since then, seeing so many other families experience the same thing is so refreshing to see. Knowing the chance that GPSPCA took on Midi (her journey there is storied, and her situation prior to getting to GPSPCA was bleak). She’s a dark colored dog. She was heartworm positive. Not a lot was working in her favor, except for when a few people took the time to get to know her and learn how much love and appreciation she had to give. Really, reflecting on the possibility of her not being with us brings tears to my eyes. I know her tale isn’t an anomaly at GPSPCA. It’s the care and love they pour into the animals that makes the difference, and that love overflows into the families that adopt these animals. Supporting this organization, watching it grow, watching it endure the tough times and sad animal stories does nothing but grow our passion for the organization, our love for Midi, and our hope for all the future animals that find themselves spending time there.”

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