A Note From Tam Singer

Sammy came to us last month after one of our rescue partners contacted us about four puppies that had been stranded outside in sub-zero temperatures. Upon admission to our shelter, Sammy was found to have numerous health issues including Demodex mites, canine papilloma virus and other health issues. Yet this sweet little fighter didn’t give up. With the expertise of our veterinarian team and lots of love and care from our wonderful staff, Sammy is now doing great and available for adoption.

Animals like Sammy come to Great Plains everyday and every day we serve the most vulnerable animals and offer the promise of a new life. The financial cost of what we do is great and we are only able to perform this life-saving work because of the kindness of our donors. Without you it simply would not be possible.

At Great Plains SPCA the average cost of care for an animal is $751. Sweet pups like Sammy with complicated health issues cost much, much more. But we never give up on them and we know you won’t either.

Donate Today

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Great Plains SPCA relies on donations as the backbone of our funding. We cannot do our work without our kind-hearted financial supporters. Please consider making a generous contribution today so pups like Sammy continue to receive critical care and chance at a new life.

Thank You,

Tam Singer CEO, Great Plains SPCA

Tam Singer, CEO

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