200 Days Too Long

Bryan has been in our care for over 200 days. Brought in as a stray, Bryan was stressed and terrified the minute he walked through our doors. He was so nervous around new people that even when he began soliciting for attention, he would flinch  in fear when anyone would pet him.

Our staff have worked determinedly to build his confidence, and Bryan has come so far. Once Bryan knows you, which can time, he wants to be a lap dog even at his 40 pound size!

As a cattle dog mix, Bryan needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation, much more than a shelter environment can ever fully provide. Our team continues to work tirelessly to ensure Bryan is as happy and healthy in our care. After over 200 days, this pup desperately needs a forever home.  See Bryan’s profile.

With your help, we can find every animal a Home for the Holidays.

Please consider DONATING today to our life saving work so we can help dogs just like Bryan find his forever home!

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