What’s Kind and Hard-Working and Covered in Hair?

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, Volunteer Manager Tomomi Suenaga listed five reasons why our volunteers are second to none….


  1. The time volunteers spend loving on and being loved by our temporarily homeless pets keeps the them safe, happy, comfortable AND gets them into forever homes quicklyl
  2. The compassion volunteers show – not only to the sick, scared, injured, or even too-gosh-darn-excited animals, but also to the family who has to give up their dog when they lose their home, the man who finds a box of kittens behind his store and needs help nursing them back to health, or the grieving guardian who’s not quite ready to adopt again but comes to visit every week and hand out cookies – keeps us all living our mission.
  3. The vision volunteers demonstrate — sharing ideas to improve the lives of animals in our care, looking after one another and the staff in times of stress, harsh weather, and puppy/kitten season, as well as celebrating adoptions and successes — keeps us constantly moving forward to improve the lives of animals in our community.
  4. The dedication it takes to pull on the running shoes, work boots, and winter coat (or sun hat) each day in order to exercise our shelter dogs, socialize the cats, clean, build, organize, and promote Great Plains SPCA, then go home covered in fur, muscles tired and heart full — because every day the animals need them. And every day the volunteers are here.
  5. The fun volunteers bring to the shelter – from fairy wings and reindeer antlers for photo shoots to play sessions in the yards and colony rooms, to the humor, balloons, and people treats – makes Great Plains SPCA a one-of-a-kind destination in animal welfare.

We love you, Volunteers! You’re part of why we love our jobs, why adopters choose to complete their families with our animals, and all-around what makes Great Plains SPCA an awesome place. Thank you for being part of our team! Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!


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Vicki Logsdon

Tomomi Suenaga, we volunteers also appreciate the staff of Great Plains SPCA. There is so much to be done for all the animals and we all know it takes a village, so I am glad we can all come together for the good of the animals.

Barbara Beets

I have missed my night of walking and will miss it tomorrow , Saturday because of work and being a one girl office. Walking dogs is therapy like no other. It is my Prozac. It is my zen and the dogs are my yoga masters. I said it once and I will say it again..,I don’t rescue them..,they rescue me. The staff is so wonderful and appreciative snd the other volunteers are phenomenal. Everyone cares about the animals and each other. It’s like a big, kookie, mish/mash of caring people that are my animal family I love them all. Both 4 legged and 2 legged. And once in a while 3 legged. Gotta love ’em


VERY well written Tomomi! I am amazed by the volunteers every single day! They are truly the best!!!


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