Vote NO on the Missouri Right to Farm Bill

The “Right to Farm.” It sounds great doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled!

Vote NoMissouri Farmers already have the right to farm and we want to keep it that way, especially for family farmers. On August 5, Amendment 1 which would change the Missouri constitution, goes to citizens for a vote. If passed, Amendment 1 the “Right to Farm,” would endanger not only the future of local family farmers but also companion animals and would eliminate regulation of breeders. Amendment 1 would ELIMINATE ANIMAL CRUELTY laws which protect animals across our state. Pets in breeding facilities would no longer be required to have annual veterinary exams, cages of humane size for housing, exercise, and there would be no accountability for pets who are suffering in inhumane conditions. Additionally if passed, Amendment 1 would turn over farming to “Big Ag” where there would be few regulations in place to protect our food quality. Let’s not give the rights of Missouri Citizens away to industrialized agriculture and giant corporations. Let our farmers farm and lets protect Missouri’s animals from cruelty. Vote NO on Amendment 1.

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