Vote No on Missouri Amendment 1 on August 5th

Vote NO on Amendment 1: The Right to Farm to STOP Puppy Mills and Other Animal Abuse AND Support Local Farmers

On Tuesday, August 5th, Missouri residents will be able to vote on this important law, but even if you’re not a Missouri resident, please spread the word. We need everyone at the polls to ensure the safety of the animals in Missouri and beyond.

The “Right to Farm”… It sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled! 

Missouri Farmers already have the right to farm (and this legislation has been in place since the 80’s). We want to keep it that way to protect local family farmers. If passed, this amendment would change the Missouri constitution, endangering the future of local family farmers as well as companion animals. It would eliminate regulation of breeders.

To put it simply, Amendment 1 would ELIMINATE ANIMAL CRUELTY laws. Pets in breeding facilities would no longer be required to have annual veterinary exams, humanely sized cages for housing, or exercise. Furthermore, there would be no accountability for pets who are suffering from inhumane conditions. Farmers and ranchers who are not treating their animals well will be protected by their “right to farm,” which is more like a “right to harm.”


Additionally, if passed, Amendment 1 would turn over farming to “Big Ag,” meaning there would be few regulations in place to protect our food quality. Let’s not give the rights of Missouri Citizens away to industrialized agriculture and giant corporations – many of which are foreign.

The Missouri House overwhelmingly rejected an amendment to this legislation which would have excluded dogs and cats. This is not simply about farming – it’s about weakening all pet and animal protection.

A few questions to ask yourself…

1)     Are you okay with abuse and neglect of animals in Missouri, especially in puppy mills? No.
2)     Are you okay with Missouri farmers being overtaken by foreign-owned factory farms? No.
3)     Are you okay with the runoff from corporate hog farms infiltrating your drinking water without restrictions? No.
4)     Are you okay with having a hog farm set up operations in your backyard? No.

If you would say No to all of the things above that can happen if passed… Vote NO on Amendment 1 to let our local farmers farm and protect Missouri’s animals from cruelty.


Not many people realize what this amendment is about or that it’s even up for vote! So, we need you to help us defeat this amendment. Every vote matters! Your vote will absolutely change the future for local animals. Please be a part of making positive history and protecting the rights of the animals and family farmers counting on us!

What you will see on the ballot…

Vote No 10

The wording is intentionally ambiguous and vague and if it becomes law, will OVERRULE the laws and regulations that protect our animals from abuse and neglect today. Please make sure you vote and spread the word today!

Vote No 7


Mary Noll

Please vote no to amendment one. Animal activists have worked so tirelessly to get legislation to help animals against cruelty. Do not let this be a major setback for helpless animals.


I never would have known any of this just from watching the tv commercials. They made it sound like an issue with China farming in Missouri. 🙁

Great Plains SPCA

The Marketing for the “Vote Yes” people is very misleading, which is why it is so important for everyone to spread the word on what this amendment is truly about.


This is crazy!!! I can’t even believe we need to vote to do the right thing…. It should be common sense that animal cruelty is wrong! This age & time is something else….


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