Volunteer Spotlight: March

Please join us in congratulating our March Volunteers of the Month! Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and our shelter pets are lucky to have amazing people like them advocating on their behalf every single day!

Independence Campus: The Smutny Family (Carin, Troy, Abbie and Josie)

This wonderful family began their journey at Great Plains SPCA in July 2016 when daughters Abby and Josie attended Young Heroes for Pets Summer Camp. The pair were inspired by their experience so much that they promptly encouraged their parents to explore volunteer opportunities. Long story short, they signed on as fosters and took home their first litter of kittens before the conclusion of camp!

When asked what drove the family to volunteer, they collectively agreed, “We wanted to do something to help those in need. Since we cannot take them all in (as fosters) we decided to volunteer at the shelter!”

Each family member finds their own unique gratification in volunteering. Carin says “I love just being there for cats and being able to pet and scratch them and show them love; knowing I am making a little bit of difference in their day because I paid special attention to them.” Abby, on the other hand, says that,  “Each day we go is never exactly the same because you always meet new animals and people.”

In the time since camp (and their official start as fosters), the family has become involved in many other ways. They volunteer regularly as Sparkle Crew and Cat Heroes, and recently fostered a dog and her puppies. We are very lucky to have amazing volunteers like the Smutny’s, who choose to open their hearts and homes to the animals in our care. Thank you for all that you do!

Merriam Campus: Tim Dowdle

Tim began volunteering with Great Plains SPCA in November of 2016, and has been a vital asset to our team ever since. He felt that he needed to be a part of something bigger than himself. With some encouragement from his girlfriend, he decided that his path to helping animals should begin at Great Plains. After just one tour of the Merriam campus, Tim was hooked!

Tim has recently become a Great Plains adopter, himself, giving Bo (formerly Rambo) a forever home! Bo was returned due to a change in lifestyle, and was quickly scooped up by Tim. Tim is ecstatic with how quickly Bo has adjusted to his new life and how much he has learned in a short time!

His favorite aspect of volunteering with Great Plains SPCA is being a part of the “homeless to homeward-bound” process. Tim aids staff members, other volunteers and potential adopters in any way that he can.

Recently, Tim has even taken on the responsibly of presenting adoptable pets on local news stations! This opportunity has allowed Tim to play a major role in recruiting forever homes and publicizing Great Plains SPCA on a broader scale. “Anything that helps the organization, the people, the culture,” Tim says.  “It is great to be part of something important that doesn’t revolve around making money, and more money, and more money.” We are appreciative of Tim’s commitment to our mission and look forward to seeing more accomplishments in his time as a volunteer with Great Plains SPCA. Thank you, Tim!

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