Volunteer Spotlight: April

Please join us in congratulating our April Volunteers of the Month! Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and our shelter pets are lucky to have amazing people like them advocating on their behalf every single day!

Independence Campus: Joyce Kunard

Just a few months shy of her five year anniversary, Joyce Kunard has put in around 4,700 hours of her time not only volunteering at our Independence Campus, but fostering kittens that are too young to be in the shelter. Joyce not only puts her heart into the shy and fearful dogs, she also puts her heart into the cats who need us as well. When asked what she loved most about volunteering, she couldn’t pin point just one certain thing. She mentions that “being an animal lover, being a part of Great Plains and helping the dogs and cats at our shelter- fostering kittens for the past (almost) five years have added so much to my life. They’ve given more to me than I have to them. I especially enjoy working with the shy and fearful and older dogs. I’ve also enjoyed the many friendships I have made with all the caring volunteers and staff.” Joyce is also a valuable part to our F.A.S.T. Team as well! Her favorite success story since volunteering would be winning over a senior dog’s heart and gaining his trust. “Finn has probably been my most challenging dog but also the most touching. He was so shut down when he came here previously, and is still very reserved and wary at times. I consider that he will accept my petting and attention, and even walk over to me occasionally for a pet- a success with him considering where Finn started from his past.” On behalf of Great Plains SPCA, thank you for all that you do and congratulations on becoming our Volunteer of the Month!


Merriam Campus: Elizabeth Inge Gensch

Elizabeth became a member of our volunteer team in November 2017, and has accumulated more than 260 hours of service. Elizabeth is both an Intake and Cat Hero and excels in both roles, according to the staff she assists. “Elizabeth has shown so much dedication and passion for helping at the shelter since day one with her willingness to help where ever needed, doing laundry, helping intake, and working with cats” said a Cattery staff member. Her favorite aspect of volunteering at Great Plains is the “Fast Track”, and “working with fearful cat and others that have behavior issues, helping them get ready for adoption”. On behalf of Great Plains SPCA, thank you for all that you do and congratulations on becoming our Volunteer of the Month!

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