Snow White

Hi, my name is Snow White and I am a beautiful white cat with a beautiful personality to boot! I was originally found as a stray by a nice lady who brought me here 10 months ago. I am so lucky to be safe and in the care of Great Plains SPCA. Everyone here loves me and they all like to cuddle! Yay! I have lots of people to play with, and boy do I ever love to play! And I have a nice warm, safe place to sleep and plenty of food to eat (maybe even a little too much food — I think I’ve put on a pound or two!) Not to brag, but I was recently even promoted to “free-roamer” status, which means I get the run of the whole place because I am such a good girl and am so friendly!

Snow WhiteI am also very grateful for the help they have given me with my eyes. You see, I have a condition that causes my eyes to get crusty tears. They give me some eye drops for it here, and it sure helps. The vets say it’s nothing to worry about, but I do need to have my drops. I know that’s a lot to ask from a new, forever family but I hope you will think I’m worth it. I am such a sweet, loving, playful girl that a few eye drops really shouldn’t keep us apart! And the vets would be glad to explain all about it if it worries you. I guess we all have little problems like this now and then. Can you overlook my minor flaw and call me your forever family? I’ve been waiting awhile now, hoping to find someone who will look past the crusties and see the loving heart underneath. I promise that if you can do that, you will never, ever be lonely with me in your family!

Come meet me at the Great Plains SPCA Merriam Campus!

Love and purrs, Snow White

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Lydi Payne

I love Snow White!!! She is the SWEETEST cat. She loves to be petted and brushed, and she also like to play, she is really a great cat and deserves a great family to love on her!!


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