Season of Love = Foster Needs

Spring is around the corner, and our shelter and foster volunteers are preparing for puppy and kitten season. With the influx of young pets, we need the community’s support to provide them with the loving care they deserve.

We always appreciate in kind donations, but below are some items that we need specifically for puppies and kittens:

– Canned kitten food

– Canned puppy food
– KMR kitten formula
– Esbilac puppy formula

and more…

Interested in becoming a Foster Volunteer?

You could be a part of this lovely puppy pile!

Great Plains SPCA is always in need of foster families for pets recovering from an injury, an illness, that just need some extra socialization away from the shelter or pets that are too young to be placed up for adoption. If you are interested in fostering one of Great Plains SPCA’s pets in need, please download the appropriate application below (canine or feline) and email it to

Canine Foster Application

Feline Foster Application

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