A Note from our Top Dog: The Power of One

From the desk of Courtney Thomas horizontal


For many of us, we have a story to tell about the way a special dog or cat has touched our lives. The power of that one soul teaching us a life lesson, helping us experience the purest form of unconditional love, bringing us Silly-Stringcomfort and peace. Animals have a magical way of positively changing our lives.

As we at Great Plains SPCA charge forward into a New Year packaged with big goals to continue serving more than 30,000 pets in our bi-state campuses, the power of one person, one new connection, one social media share, one more hour volunteered, or one more dollar donated, will be the difference in our ability to continue providing the highest lifesaving guarantee – a 96% live-release rate – to the local, homeless and needy pets in our community.

One more life saved… it matters!

Shayr_rightdown_Portrait_templateNever doubt what the power of one can do. That one cat or dog you will never forget. What they did to enrich your life, bring you peace, hope, and likely many smiles and laughs. And just the same, YOU, the power of one, can change the life, the future, and the heart of a pet looking for hope.

Please join us this year, to grow awareness of the eleven lifesaving programs and services Great Plains SPCA provides in our community every day. With more than 700 pets in our care daily, the power of YOU will make an important difference. What will you do to contribute to saving one more life this year?

Adopt. Donate. Volunteer. Foster. Spread the word.


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Laura Dominik

It is with the leadership and guidance of Courtney and her staff that the effects of the act of one can grow exponentially to help the animals who need it most. Thank you for shining the light down the best path towards an even more successful year in 2014! Cheers!


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