Mike Lawver has 1,920 miles to go, only $80 in his pocket and three dogs relying on him, but he’s full of gratitude for Great Plains SPCA and others helping him on his journey today.

Mike is trying to get across the country to his family who lives in Yelm, Washington in pursuit of a new job, but he needs help. He and his three companions, Tink, Devin and Tank, are currently at Great Plains SPCA where he is getting a welcome rest while his dogs receive medical care.


Devin is one happy rottie!

Every day Great Plains SPCA is helping not just pets, but the people by their sides, and that is especially the case today. Great Plains SPCA is providing medical care to Mike’s three Rottweiler Mixes with support from Friends of KC Animals and Rottweiler Rescue of Kansas City.

Devin with vets

Devin receives vaccinations from our Veterinary Care Team.

Tink, a young male, is being neutered this afternoon, and then he and the female Devin will receive much needed vaccines. The youngest dog, Tank, is recovering from an illness, which inhibits him from being neutered and vaccinated today. Great Plains SPCA is ensuring he is helped by another animal shelter in Washington state when he’s fully recovered and will cover that cost.

Tank and Mike

Mike and Tank

Mike has been incredibly thankful, saying to Great Plains SPCA staff “You guys saved my puppies’ lives and mine. I’m not used to getting help because I’ve always been more accustomed to being the one who’s helping others. I’ve found a lot of humility getting help from such great people and am so thankful to have their support.”

With the unstable economy, many people around the country have been hit hard, and Mike is one of many needing not a hand out but a hand up. Great Plains SPCA is here to help people like Mike, just like it is helping local pets in need of homes, medical care and adoptive families.

Anyone wanting to help Mike on his journey to Washington to be with his family and start a new job can donate to help him and other human companions like him by clicking here or clicking on the donate button below. Our goal is to fill his gas tank to the cross-country journey, fill Mike and his pup’s bellies along the way, and ensure that when he’s feeling better that Tank is neutered and vaccinated. We expect this journey to cost nearly $1000. Every little bit will help.

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Everybody thinks the shelters/rescues are only for “unwanted” pets but how great is it to help much loved companions BEFORE they are surrendered because their owner is struggling. Kudos for keeping families together!

Great Plains SPCA

Hi Susan! We were able to get Mike most of the cash he needed to get to Washington and set him up with a rescue in Washington so he can get Tank neutered when he is healthy enough! 🙂


I just want to echo what Michelle said so well in her comment. This story warmed my heart. Best wishes to Mike, Tink, Devin & Tank (get well soon) on your cross-country journey!


Any updates on this situation? I donated to help, but haven’t seen if the goal was met, did he make it to his destination with his dogs?? Thanks!


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