Featured Pet: Cody


Hi there! My name is Cody, and I’m a super sweet little guy that would love to go home with you.


I know what you must be thinking. . . “what a sweet face on that tiny gentleman, but I wonder what happened to make him look like a pirate?” You see, when I came to Great Plains SPCA, I would constantly get little eye boogies in my eye that just wouldn’t go away. My staff and volunteer friends would try to wipe them away for me, but they couldn’t get them out of there! They could tell that it was bothersome for me and it would make my eye water, and make their eyes water when they looked at me too, so the wonderful vets here decided that my damaged eye needed to come out and WOW! I feel SO much better!! I get around great, and I actually get compliments — people seem to think I look pretty cool as a pirate pup! Arrr! The only possible concern I have with my new look — and you would have it too — is that sometimes when people touch me on my blind side it startles me! Bigger kids and grown-ups are awesome at remembering to talk to me and touch me where I can see first, but little guys often forget. That’s made me start to prefer hanging out with older kids and grown-ups.

Another cool thing I’ve done while waiting for you is go on slumber parties with a nice volunteer! While I was preparing for my surgery and then after they removed my eye, she took me home so I could recover and get used to living with the single eye. She said I am doing great and have adjusted well. I can do stairs with no problems whatsoever and am just as sweet and loving as I ever was! I love going for walks with my friends and love being snuggled and cuddled. I am also housebroken and can be left alone in the house without any worries while you are gone. I get along great with other dogs too!!! I am just an all around good little boy. If you are looking for a super sweet, super snuggler, I am probably your guy!!! Please come to Great Plains SPCA very, VERY soon! I am waiting to give you my heart and just can’t wait to go home with you!!

All my love…Cody

I want to learn more about Cody!

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Lisa Nixon

He’s adorable….might have one eye but I bet his got a heart full of love to give!


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