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DoggerelDave Anderson is an artist/poet who desires to benefit our organization and other dog/cat advocacy organizations by donating proceeds from the sale of a charming electronic book – all about the antics and behaviors of Shelter dogs. He’s published two versions of an electronic book, entitled, “Doggerel – PoochPics and PoochPoems,” each with over 50 pages of dog art and amusing limericks.

An Amazon-Kindle version is available on Amazon for $3.99. Kindle Reader apps are available for free on Amazon for virtually all PCs and mobile devices. The iBook version that runs just on the iPad and iMac (with OS X Mavericks) has weblinks to interesting dog-related websites as well as audio tracks (most of them narrated by a public radio announcer) and is for sale on the Apple iBook Store for $5.99. The iBooks app, required to be able to read these electronic books, is available for free via the App Store icon on all iPads.

The author intends to retain none of the proceeds and will donate all funds received from book sales to our organization and other animal rescue and adoption non-profit organization. If you purchase either version you’ll get a humorous book with great artistic renditions of shelter dogs and you’ll be helping to support our organization and dog advocacy. A couple of Doggerel excerpts are attached.

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At Great Plains SPCA, we believe that no matter what their size, shape or story, all dogs and cats deserve the chance to live long, happy and healthy lives. That’s why our team of experts works hard every day to be a lifeline to a better future for pets by providing comprehensive, affordable medical care, adoption services and innovative community programs. Because we know that with a little support, people and pets can build a bond unlike any other, creating happier homes and a community that values life, love.

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