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PrintMeet Bopsie! She is a four year old Beagle Mix who is house trained and very well behaved… She’s just the sweetest little Beagle girl you could imagine. She Bopsie loves pretty much everything: treats, walks, people, dogs, you name it! True to her Beagle breed, you will always find her nose to the ground sniffing away searching for good things! She deserves a forever home and has been waiting very patiently. Come visit her today at the Merriam Pet Adoption Center!

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At Great Plains SPCA, we believe that no matter what their size, shape or story, all dogs and cats deserve the chance to live long, happy and healthy lives. That’s why our team of experts works hard every day to be a lifeline to a better future for pets by providing comprehensive, affordable medical care, adoption services and innovative community programs. Because we know that with a little support, people and pets can build a bond unlike any other, creating happier homes and a community that values life, love.

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  • By Paula Furlong 23 Nov 2013

    I saw a picture of Bopsie where she was before, and had not been outside in like 8 months. It was too sad. Her and Flopsie were roomies the whole time. Still trying to catch up on Flopsies status. This dog deserves a forever home to live her life and be happy.

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