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14 Oct 2013

Adoption Campaign Launches

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Great Plains SPCA is excited to “unleash” the next installment of our new campaign – promoting adoptions! You can find our latest ads featuring homeless pets on TV, starting today, and in print – check out the 913 section of the Star.

If you’re interested in adopting and providing a loving home to one of our shelter pets, view our adoptables page. Can’t adopt right now? You can do the next best thing by sponsoring a shelter pet. Make a donation.

You can catch our commercials on WDAF, KSHB, KMBC, KCTV and cable channels including Animal Planet, Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network and the History Channel. View our ads in the Star’s 913 section, Spaces and more. And, find our guerilla marketing efforts around Kansas City!

About Our Campaign

With creative magic from Meers Advertising, we are excited to build awareness of Great Plains SPCA’s programs and services, spotlighting Adoptions and Spay/Neuter in our initial campaign. Our first commercial added humor to an everyday pet behavior, while most importantly building awareness of the importance of spay/neuter.

The stars of our campaign were cast through our Facebook page – we just love our Fans! Many pets came to Ron Berg Studios and stole our hearts, and it was tough to narrow down the select group who will have the spotlight. However, all pets involved in casting will be featured online as they are all stars!

Great Plains SPCA is very thankful for the amazing work of Meers Advertising, Ron Berg Studios and everyone else who has helped to make this campaign a hit! You are all Heroes for Pets!

If anyone in the community would like to help us spread our campaign through some exciting guerilla marketing efforts, please contact Rachel Hodgson at or (913) 742-7319.

22 Mar 2013

Fats (Domino)

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Fats (Domino), Tatoes to us, is a 14 year old Dalmatian mix who lost his way home.

Fats Domino went missing in July and came to our shelter on August 7th and stayed with us until September 12th, when his owners found him.

He had gone missing in July and while the family searched, they could not find him.

Obviously, they were overjoyed when they reunited with their beloved dog that has been a member of the family since he was a puppy!

22 Mar 2013


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Margo is a senior dog who entered the shelter on August 16th. Brought in by animal control as a stray, Margo wasn’t in very good shape, but with the love and care provided at Great Plains SPCA, she quickly went up for adoption. Seniors, unfortunately, are more difficult to place than younger pets. Margo was at the shelter for almost two months until she met her new dad. What’s most remarkable about this story is Margo’s adopter drove all the way from Kentucky after seeing her video on YouTube. Margo is now enjoying her forever home!

22 Mar 2013

Snoopy and Woodstock

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Snoopy and Woodstock had a pretty tough life before making it to Great Plains SPCA. They were kept outside since they were puppies in a very small area, so they’re looking for the exact opposite right now. They’d love to be inside dogs and don’t want to be confined to a very small area anymore.

These two are very well-mannered and sweet – perfect little Beagles. They get along so well and hate being separated, which is why they have to go to a home together. Snoopy and Woodstock are very low maintenance as they keep each other company and are both house broken. They walk like perfect little gentlemen on the leash and can easily be walked together by one person. They get along well with other dogs and everyone they meet. They’ve been without love and attention for so long, they just can’t get enough of it now! The staff and volunteers at Great Plains have fallen head over heels in love with these two!

If you are interested in meeting or adopting Snoopy and Woodstock, please call (913) 742-7355.



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